13. edition
28 - 30 June 2019

Geronde lake

Sierre (CH)

With Kazy Lambist, El Búho, Calling Marian
Lo-Fi Discotheque & Dalkhafine VJ

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The charming assets of a small festival

Small established festival in Sierre in Switzerland, it has charmed since 2006 a passionate audience from all over Europe. Facing the pride of the mountains of Valais and the beauty of the emerald waters of Geronde Lake, the Weekend at the edge of the water has known how to remain intimistic and authentic. Well-kept secret by its visitors, it became a major rendezvous for the small and big with a sensitivity to the art of life.

12th edition in pictures

Gallery 1 - Florence Zufferey La Dilettante
Gallery 2 - Deetcheese David Zuber Photographie
Gallery 3 - Kendy Zhang Studio
Gallery 4 - François Posse Photographie

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