Goldfish 🇿🇦

Friday 28 June | 22:30 - 00:00 I Concert🪸Main Stage🐠

Goldfish is a South African electronic music duo formed in 2004 by Dominic Peters and David Poole. Their music blends house, jazz, and various influences, creating a unique sound. Their debut album, “Caught in the Loop,” marked the beginning of their success in South Africa. However, it was with “Late Night People” in 2018 that they achieved international fame. The group is also known for their innovative live performances, incorporating instruments like the double bass and saxophone. In addition to their musical career, they surf the oceans and advocate for ocean protection, raising awareness about environmental issues.

Goldfish continues to inspire and delight fans worldwide with their catchy music and boundless creativity, where they will showcase their new album released in 2023, “If Summer Was a Sound.”