Vaudou Game

Sunday 30 June | 18:00 - 19:15 | Concert

The idea of integrating the particular music used in voodoo rituals into an afro-funk of the 1970s is obvious from Peter Solo, a child of afrobeat and voodoo culture since his childhood at Lomé in Togo. Fading behind the collective of Vaudou Game which was founded in France, the Togolese perfected his idea until he could do grow by singing a dedication to the infamous shamanic rhythms. Since their legendary title Pas Contente on the album Apiafo, sung in 2015 by the lake of Géronde in Sierre, the band released the album Kidayo in 2016 and Otodi in 2018 recorded with an original Togo instrumental line. It is in this new formation that the collective will return to Sierre to awaken the voodoo spirit that is sleeping in all of us.