Friday 25 June | 00:00 - 01:30 I DJ set

Founded in 1998, the trio composed of Christophe Hétier, Fabrice Dumont and Stéphan Haeri are among the avant-garde artists of the famous French touch. It was in 2001 that they made their first album, Genetic World, including the worldwide single Breathe, which, 20 years later, is still a hit. Armed with bass, guitars, keyboards and vocalizations, they create spatial titles, rhythmed by charismatic voices such as Angela Mccluskey’s. After the eponymous album Remixes released in 2018, Télépopmusik returns under the spotlights with a new album much awaited on May 22, 2020 whose the single It hurts is already enunciator. Discover this DJ set by the edge of the lake for a sweet Friday evening as we like it!