Pat Kalla & The Super Mojo 🇫🇷 🇨🇲

Friday 28 June | 20:30 - 22:00 I Concert🪸Main Stage🐠

Pat Kalla & The Super Mojo form a musical group blending Afro rhythms, funk, and soul, fronted by the charismatic Pat Kalla. Born in Lyon, of Franco-Cameroonian heritage, Pat Kalla is a versatile artist who found his musical voice by merging influences from his dual culture. With The Super Mojo, a collective of talented musicians, the group has crafted a unique sound that embraces Afrobeat heritage while exploring contemporary musical territories. Pat Kalla’s fiery stage performances and The Super Mojo’s infectious energy quickly gained popularity. Their music, infused with groove and socially conscious messages, transcends borders, bridging African musical traditions with modern sounds. Through critically acclaimed albums and captivating tours, Pat Kalla & The Super Mojo continue to solidify their presence on the international stage, captivating listeners with their unique fusion of styles and artistic commitment.