Leeu presents : Dream Control

Saturday 2 July | 19:15 - 20:30 I Concert

Alexander Coetzee, aka LEEU (Lion in Afrikaans), is a DJ and producer from Johannesburg, South Africa. Exploring music in a narrative way between downtempo & electronica, he feeds his music with traditional African and Eastern influences in the image of the cultural diversity of the rainbow nation. After several EP’s and remixes, out on his label Suidtronica, Leeu released his first album Dream Control in 2022. Distributed on the editions of the Festival Foundation, this introspective musical masterpiece reveals the universal mystery that every human being lives daily through his dreams. For the 15th edition of the Festival, Leeu will bring on stage the guests of this project including Lemonella, Lisolomzi Picoli, Hibotep & Kendy Zhang.