Camion Bazar

Saturday 26 June | 01:00 - 03:00 I DJ set

Camion Bazar, is a collective of diverse artists who roam the festivals and clubs aboard their caravan transformed into a DJ booth. Offering a recipe based on good mood, wild mix and performances of all kinds, he reaps as much fields as clubs or festivals aboard their spaceship. Led by Romain Play and his companion Benedetta, they made a smashing entrance to the Nuits Sonores Festival in 2019 with a memorable Boiler Room to discover on the tube. Author of a first EP on Jaki Records, they released on their eponymous label Camion Bazar in March 2020 Silent Bloc EP mixing disco, nu wave and techno. Back on stage in spring 2021 with a new projects, it is with joy that the frogs of Geronde Lake will spend the winter.