Loris Mittaz & Friends (Julie & Charlotte, Mia Oud & Mondae Loves You) 🇨🇭

Friday 28 June | 17:30 - 18:30 I Concert 🪸 Main Stage 🐠

Loris Mittaz is a young pianist from Valais who blends classical music, jazz, and film music. His compositions reflect his life, including his illness that will eventually cause him to lose his sight. Without any heaviness, but with wisdom, he loves the idea that everyone can close their eyes and create their own movie from what they hear. Dreams play a part and weave through the notes flowing from the piano. Exceptionally, he will be accompanied by several friends for a unique and unprecedented concert. The project, Loris Mittaz & Friends, will feature Julie & Charlotte, Mia Oud & Mondae Loves you. This project adds house music elements to the other styles Loris Mittaz explores in his solo performances.